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The Incredible Shrinking Man

  I recently had a complete physical, and the doctor gave me some good news, and some bad news. The good news is, I’m in excellent health. He said, if I keep taking care of myself, I may live to … Continue reading

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Hand me that case of aspirin, please

This morning, I accidentally hit my head on the side of the bedroom door, as I squeezed through on my way to the bathroom. Checking myself in the mirror for bruising, I noticed something. My head is enormous! I don’t think … Continue reading

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Simple Observations – The Book

I have a book being published soon, called “Simple Observations.” It’s a humorous look at everything from: babies, to trips to the local Chinese buffet, to dogs, to a man’s first visit to a hair salon, to a vacation at … Continue reading

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Aging with Dignity

I have another birthday coming up, have been finding a few more gray hairs, and I’m beginning to think about the inevitable march of time, as one more candle is added to my cake. I’m not really afraid of being old … Continue reading

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Smarter Than Me Phones

  I got up early this morning, tried to figure out my wife’s new smart phone, and realized something. I just moved one step down on the intelligence scale at the Dykie household. My wife is a nurse practitioner, my … Continue reading

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