Man Bun? I guess I just lost my appetite #35

Have any of you seen the latest fashion statement in men’s personal grooming involving his coiffure? I hadn’t until recently, when a friend asked me my thoughts on what’s being called a “Man Bun.” I immediately envisioned a new, delicious and decadent pastry, possibly available at my favorite coffee destination – Dunkin Donuts. My mouth started to water in anticipation of partaking of a baked item as large as a frisbee; or better yet, a trash can lid! Closing my eyes, I imagined an enormous, delectable concoction of flour, sugar and cinnamon, baked to a golden brown, and topped with sweet and sticky white icing. 

I was obviously disappointed upon learning a “Man Bun,” was not a hearty dessert specifically designed to satisfy the appetite of even the hungriest man, but rather the use of elastic bands or scrunchies to form a man’s long locks into a bun-shaped ball of hair located near the top and rear of his head.

Doing some research, I learned that a “Man Bun” is also called either a Bro, Hipster, or Dude Bun. It appears to be very popular among professional athletes looking to keep their hair in place, Hollywood celebrities, and average men looking for that unique look.

To be perfectly honest; I’m not sure if it’s a good look for most men. But hey, who am I to judge. I’m the guy who once had long, silky, and meticulously styled hair reaching nearly to my shoulders, and a mustache resembling  a huge and furry caterpillar. Now that I think about it, I probably looked like an actor in one of those risqué, low-budget, 1980’s adult films.

I guess what really matters is whether a man’s wife, spouse, partner, or significant other finds the “Man Bun” to be attractive or not. I’ve already been informed by my wife that if I ever grow my hair to a length over eight inches, and then tie it into a ‘Man Bun,” I should sleep with one eye open for………..let’s see………the rest of my life! She says her razor-sharp scissors will not only quickly and efficiently slice through thick strands of hair, and provide a new chew toy for our dog, but she may not stop there. What? Oh, oh. No, she couldn’t be thinking of……… I guess it’s time to get a haircut – a very short one.


About Patrick Dykie

I'm a simple, middle class family man, living a quiet life in eastern Pennsylvania. I love to write and make people laugh. During the day, I'm a fire protection consultant, and at night I'm working hard to be a writer. I've faced some things over the past few years that have slowed me down in my dreams, but I have always been an optimist. Over the past few years, I've written a number of books, but none have been published. That's about to change. I will be self-publishing "Simple observations" in the next few months. Thank you for coming to my site. I hope you enjoy the visit.
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3 Responses to Man Bun? I guess I just lost my appetite #35

  1. Shonnie says:

    If he were hot enough he would bun it up though.

  2. Shonnie says:

    Hahahaha! My hubby has had one or two of those when his hair was shorter, but now it i mid way down his back so a ponytail does the trick

  3. colonialist says:

    You had a bun, your wife came with scissors, and now it’s scone!
    *departing high-pitched meerkat giggles*

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